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Beginner Driving Course (G Program)

We are a Ministry approved Beginner Driver
Education Course provider.

This course is now offered as an Online Driver Training Program.  G class license allows you to drive a car or a light pickup truck.

The provincial standard for a beginner driver education course is 20 hours of classroom time 1
0 hours of of in-car training.

Online Training Topics include:

• Defensive driving
• Hazard awareness
• Fuel efficiency
• Basic car maintenance
• Buying a car (the expenses of owning a car)
• Driving is a privilege not a right

The Beginner’s Driving Course is very hands on and practical. We use a variety of driving and teaching techniques to get our message across in a way that is easy to understand and retain.

Our status as a Ministry Approved BDE Course Provider give our customers a:

• 4 month reduction in wait time to get your G2
• Possible eligibility for insurance discounts
• Private 1 on 1 in-car training – *10 hours in car:
• Learning about the car / simple left and rights / backing
• Highway Drive / merging / eyes up
• Intersections (major left and right)
• One ways/ uncontrolled intersections
• Parking / 3 point turns / u turns
• Review
• Preparation for the MTO road test
• We constantly and thoroughly monitor our program and evaluate our instructor’s performance.

Beginner Driving Course G-Class Schedules:

The 20 hours of in-class driving course time can be done on weekends / weeknights / weekdays and school holidays
The 10 hours of driving course time is done in an instructors vehicle (1 on 1 training)
Each student will be assigned a dedicated Driving Instructor (or choose one) for the duration of their drive time.
We offer flexible options to meet the needs of our student’s busy schedules.

Studying Links
G1 Test


You can take the in-class portion of the course 2 weeks prior to your 16th birthday.
You must have your G1 license to do the in-car portion of the course.
You must pay the course fee in full before you are able to start the in-car portion.

No Refunds once the course is started
Program must be completed within one year.