Hi I’m Nicole,

I started my driving Career in Hamilton On. in 1987 at the age of 21! I attempted twice to acquire my beginners or 365’s! First attempt “making a right on a red light” and nearly getting t-boned! OOPS! The second attempt “making a left lane change and nearly side swiping another car! Yikes!

What’s a blind spot? I said.

The examiner looked me in the eyes and said “You need driving lessons, look it up in the yellow pages.”   And off too driving school I go, located one bus ride away from where I lived! I still remember my driver Instructor he had fiery orange curly hair and the patience of a saint. Because of his confidence in me and great teaching skills I passed my third attempt with flying colors!  Now 30 years of experience later, having the pleasure of driving various vehicles such as School Bus, Transit, Coach and tractor trailer! I guess it’s safe to say I love to drive! So sharing my years of experience to new drivers was the logical way to go!

So far Its been a blast! Everyday is another adventure! Another lesson learned for YOU and I, teaching new drivers one by one to drive safely, defensively and maybe one day there will be no more accidents! Wouldn’t that be great! Can’t stop a girl from dreaming! Well hears hoping to see YOU in the drivers seat real soon!

Bye for now,

Nicole J Poirier

Nicole Poirier Driving Instructor Valley Driver Training